Warm up your Winter with TOM FORD SOLEIL


When you open up a box in the mail to unveil clean, white, boxes of perfection with gold Tom Ford stamped across them, you get slightly excited.  By slightly, I...

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GLITTER EYE {get ready with me}!


Oh hi!  So this week I posted a photo on Instagram that I didn't really expect people to get excited about, and it got a lot of love so I...

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Golden Globes Burgundy Smokey Eye


Did you watch the Golden Globes?  I had the best night watching the Globes at a dear friend's house with healthy snacks and wine!  It was a total girl fest,...

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How to Cover Blemishes + Sun Spots


I should have knocked on wood..... as I finished up my month in Europe I was SO proud of my skin and how I remained blemish free during my whole...

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Part 2: MESSY Wavy Hair TUTORIAL


Hi Friends!  I hope you enjoyed your weekend!  We had a long one over here in the US celebrating Memorial Day, and I got the opportunity to spend it at...

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From Day to Night with Stila

photo 2

Fall is really here! Well, at least this past month traveling I was very lucky to feel the season! Back in LA there has been a major heatwave, staying true to...

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It is so hot in LA right now I can hardly deal with it!  OK I'm probably being a bit dramatic, but coming back from the cool, freshness in Les...

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Even though I have lived, eaten, slept, and worked in the world of beauty for the past 10+ years- if you haven't figured it out yet- I am one of...

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Forever21 FIND

photo 2

Let's just put it out there that I love Forever 21. It's a store I love going to and spending at least 2 hours in…there is SO much to see!...

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always HIGHLIGHT….

photo 1

For the past 10 years I've been known as the girl with the glowing skin…. Hey, I can think of worse things to be known as!  I am very grateful...

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