MY CAREER JOURNEY> How I got to where I am now!

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Here it is!  A video I know for many of you, you have been waiting for.  Here is the (short believe it or not) story of my career and how...

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product essentials for TULUM aka it takes a VILLAGE……


It takes a village, it takes an army, somehow my bag for four days weighed 52 lbs to Tulum, and I couldn't figure out why.......!!  I mean, all I'm wearing...

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I just got back from MEXICO!


You know what's sad?  Sitting here thinking about the fact that a week ago I was in Mexico.  SO SAD!  I mean like a happy sad where I'm grateful for...

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My Top 5 Health Tips


I wanted to take a break today from talking about fashion week or my latest favorite lipstick and talk about another passion of mine: HEALTH!  A lot of you guys...

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Fashion Week Makeup: Packing List!


It’s that time of year again….Fall Fashion Week! I am on the plane on my way to New York as I’m typing this and I’m so excited to have the...

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Different Makeup Looks From EUROPE!


Sometimes it's fun to reflect and see your different looks when traveling.  To be honest, it was REALLY hot, so I didn't get too crazy in the makeup department.  In...

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Mountain Fresh: Italian Style


….ahhh my first stop on my European holiday, the beautiful Italian mountainside! I have to admit that this part of my trip was quite the surprise! Actually, I came into...

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Desert Wanderer


Here we are, lost in the desert in Arizona.  (Well the real truth is that this particular desert was intertwined  between huge desert mansions…)!  Albi and I went for a...

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This past week I had the opportunity to go to Arizona for a few days.  To be honest, I've never been, other than a connecting flight in the airport.  I...

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Health Tips For TRAVEL


Healthy people are SO annoying, aren't they?  I know, I even annoy myself sometimes!  Now don't get me wrong, I'm not standing from the top of a mountain and claiming...

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