I’d like to introduce you to TATA HARPER


I have been using Tata Harper Skincare for the past few months, and as you know, I take my skincare and recommendations very seriously, so wanted to give it some...

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What I Packed: SKINCARE Travel Essentials


WOW, I've been in Europe for almost a month, and I really feel like I started a new life!  I have been on the road for a few weeks, and...

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Hello to SKINCARE of the moment….


Hello my dear friends and HAPPY MONDAY!  On a side note, I was asked what my favorite day of the week is.  You want to know what?  It's Monday..... can...

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Current Skin Care Routine


I am asked frequently what I am using on my skin.  I will admit- I'm open to trying new products and it won't ever be the same year after year....

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As we all do, we have many products in our cupboard that we forget about or push to the back- as we are always trying the latest and greatest on...

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My Skin Secret!


One of the most important beauty tricks anyone can have is great skin.  It is, for me, an indicator of a good or bad day.  Ok- that might sound a...

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