The LA Spin on a Traditional Red Lip


I was recently asked from my friends over at Byrdie Beauty to give my take on the traditional RED LIP. Head on over to the LINK HERE to see my...

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RED LIPS for the Holidays


The holidays are here and in full swing. Do you have any parties coming up this next week?  If you do, may I suggest you some of my favorite red...

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Everybody Comes to HOLLYWOOD

photo 2

It's time for HOLLYWOOD!  The lights!  The cameras!  The action!  I remember being a kid and dreaming of living in Hollywood, and now it's funny, I'll have moments driving in...

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Sultry Silver Lake

photo 2

 Silver Lake is a neighborhood in Los Angeles that I hold near and dear to my heart.  It is a spot that I have spent the most time in, and...

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Milan Fashion Week Day 2


  Are you ready?!  It's time to show you Day 2's tutorial with Chiara Ferragni from Milan Fashion Week.  On this day the sun started to come out....which made us...

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Hello to my Favorite Red Lips!


RED! The classic, modern, chic color that anybody can wear! In this video you will see Nikki's top favorite red lip products of the moment....and why they earned that title!...

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Why I LOVE Lipstick!



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The ONE Red Nail Polish


I'm having a moment.  It went like this- "Nikki it's time to paint your nails. What color are you going to do them? Hmmmm.....your favorite red that you've been using...

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  Day two with ALI for style stalker.  Out and about the side streets and mountains just outside Pasadena, CA.  It was a hot day but we seemed to survive!...

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