LASH FOOD + All you need to know about Lash Serums


I have always been a long-time fan and advocate of lash serums, and wanted to talk about a new serum that I have been using lately that I've been very...

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I think you need to know the mascara I cannot get enough of lately!  One of the top questions I get asked, especially when people find out that I work...

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IT Cosmetics First Impression!


Today I want to share a jam-packed product review for you!  I have never done this before, I literally used all of these products for the first time via video....

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A Mascara Moment


What is your favorite mascara, a common question that I am asked.....and it's a hard answer.  I am a makeup artist, and a makeup junkie, so I am going to...

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I'm so excited to share a new drugstore mascara find!  L'Oreal Voluminous SUPERSTAR Mascara! Our first Primer and Mascara for a show-stopping lash effect. Super-volumizing primer builds dramatic volume on...

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a MASCARA moment…


Now here is the million dollar question…..WHAT MASCARA DO YOU USE?! This is tough ladies….think about how many mascaras there are out there in the world….!  So I can't say...

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Get Ready With ME! A peek into my Day TO Day..


There I was, about to put my makeup on for the day, and I decided to film so you could see a real life situation of how I go on...

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Benefit They’re Real, first Impression…

While we are talking about benefits…. I guess one benefit of shopping at Sephora is the free little gifts you get with your purchase.  While I was on one of...

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MISS MANGA i love you

photo 2

I recently had been seeing ads for the new L'Oreal Miss Manga Mascara all over the Internet and in stores.  Naturally, because all things beauty spike my interest and curiosity,...

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Do You Have Grey Hair Too??

2014-03-12 17.41.37

One of the not so glamorous things about getting older is your hair turning grey.  It's funny because all of my 20's I have worked as a colorist in a...

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