Top Knot Tutorial for Short Hair!


YES!  You can have a top knot even if your hair is short.  I filmed a quick video to show you how to do it.  Spoiler alert: I did use...

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How To TOUCH-UP Second Day Hair!


....or third.....or fourth.....or fifth......!  We all know washing your hair everyday is a DRAG....who has time for that?!  My favorite thing is knowing that my hair doesn't have to be...

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Twisted Crown Tutorial


Just in time for Summer, here is a tutorial that will teach you how to do your hair under a minute, and look effortlessly chic at the same time!  Perfect...

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Hello to Wavy Hair

photo 1

GOOD MORNING! Aren't you excited to be the first people I talked to today?  Yes- I still have my raspy morning voice....!  I wanted to make this video for you...

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What did Vogue teach me this month?


Ahhh the joy of the weekend, the joy of Sunday morning.  Well, I'll admit- the weekend for me is kind of the same as any day of the week.  When...

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Hello to the EASIEST Bang Blowout


Only have five minutes to style your hair?  That's usually all the time I will allow on my hair :) ! This video will teach you a quick way to...

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Hello to Ponytails


A ponytail. I know- it seems boring and oh, so basic! But it doesn't have to be this way! Let me show you how to take this classic and make...

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A Hairstyle I’m Currently Loving


Isn't it funny how hairstyles come and go?  You can be into one exclusively for some time- and then, in a snap, you can't bear to even look at your...

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If going short is in your future or you have had been dreaming of a big change- here are a few of my recommendations and inspirational photos for you!  I...

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MID Length Hair LOOKS


If you are tired of your long hair, but don't want to completely chop it off- here are some great options for a mid length style.  I love this look!...

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