I think my mom was hoping that I would grow out of my glitter phase immediately after I finished high school, but 15 years later, it’s still there……and perhaps stronger… Read More »

How to Highlight like a BOSS


You’ve got to get that glow!  Nothing makes you look younger, more refreshed, and healthier than a good glow.  Sometimes it happens on it’s own, and sometimes we need to… Read More »

Glowing with VINIQ


I know I always talk a lot about how much I love GLOW.  One of my favorite makeup looks is glowing skin.  It’s always highly requested because it brings youth… Read More »

Stila Convertible Color Palettes


Behold, Stila is at it again!  What did they do this time?  Remember last spring when I was freaking out excited over the Convertible Color palette?  I feel bad because… Read More »



Ok yes I realize Christmas is in three days and you are probably productive and finished your Christmas shopping…….right?!  BUT if you haven’t, here’s the deal.  Getting someone a face… Read More »

Water & Skin


I had written this post about a year ago, but I wanted to bring it back up and show you this link because I think it is so enlightening.  It… Read More »

Put a Highlight on it!

photo 1

This Fashion Season has been all about overall beauty, glow, and easy makeup. (Both on the runways and my personal work with Chiara.) If you noticed with Chiara, nothing has been… Read More »

My Weekend Makeup Look

photo 3

Oh how I love the feeling of the weekend!  Life slows down a little bit, people are out for walks, brunch, parties, and shopping.  It’s my favorite time to connect… Read More »


photo 4

Well, it’s officially summer….. the sun is out, we’ve got pool parties, bbq’s, weddings, holidays, and all the joy and warmth that comes from longer days and warmer weather. Naturally,… Read More »

always HIGHLIGHT….

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For the past 10 years I’ve been known as the girl with the glowing skin…. Hey, I can think of worse things to be known as!  I am very grateful… Read More »

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