How to make your lips FULL with MARKERS


Ok so the fact we cannot deny is that BIG, FULL, JUICY lips are trending right now.  More than ever, and it's kind of a little extra.  Don't get me...

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Fool-Proof way to apply a RED LIP!


Without realizing it, I realized that I had a technique that was a little different when applying a red lip.  I found myself naturally doing this on set whilst putting...

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Velour Lovers Lip Colour


There's a new lipstick in town you need to know!  Ladies and gentleman, the Velour Lovers Lip Colour by Laura Mercier! Highly Pigmented, check. Moisturizing, check. Satin-matte finish, check. I...

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Now that I'm out of the perfect sunny and 70 degree LA weather, I am really feeling the fall vibe.  September is definitely my favorite month of the year so...

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