THIS IS HOW YOU NEED TO BE DOING YOUR EYEBROWS! Yes, that's a strong statement, but you need to trust me on this one.  This may be new information, or...

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Brow Gel 101


I wanted to film this quick little tutorial to show you how to properly use brow gel! Feathered brows are the total trend in Hollywood, so I want to be sure...

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Feathered BROWS Tutorial


Brow update!  Here is the latest trend in Eyebrows: the feathered brow.  In LA, the term has been all the craze, especially coming from a very popular brow artist, Kristie...

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My Pro Kit: Eyebrow GO-TO’s


I bet you want to know what my hand reaches for when I have to do eyebrows on my models or celebrities, right?! As you know, I am constantly using,...

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Stila Bombshell Brows


I'm happy to tell you about some new products I got my little paws on…..the entire Bombshell Brow collection from Stila Cosmetics!  They came out with three different versions for...

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Get Ready With ME! A peek into my Day TO Day..


There I was, about to put my makeup on for the day, and I decided to film so you could see a real life situation of how I go on...

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As I've mentioned numerous times, brows are the thing right now! With that being said in beauty and fashion, they are always shifting or tweaking a little bit. I, of...

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About the brows….BROW GEL

photo 3

You gotta brush em' up!  That's the new rule for now- until we decide to have a new trend- as always!  If you haven't introduced a brow gel into your...

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TWEEZE it, tweeze it GOOD!

photo 2

This is just a little observation I want to share with you…. What's one of the tools that every girl needs but doesn't like spending money on?  I would guess...

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ENA in Portraits


Here are some portraits of Ena- a collaboration I did with photographer Daniele Rossi.  He has a way of bringing out the natural personality of all of his models- and...

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