NARS HOLIDAY 2017 + Purple Cat Eye


Holidays are just around the corner my friends, and I've started receiving this year's holiday launches. One of the first that I've gotten my little paws on is from NARS,...

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The New Pinky-Nude Lip Trend for Spring


Byrdie Beauty asked me recently what my spin was on the nude lip trend for spring.  If you know me, you know that nude is not a color I natural...

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I recently discovered a new eyeliner that I wanted to share with you: Stila Got Inked Cushion Eye Liner! I'll admit, when I first opened the package, I was both...

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Feathered WINGED Eyeliner


Can I get a BLEND, and can I get some DEFINITION all at the same time?  Why YES, yes, yes you can!  Sometimes I do things in my daily routine and...

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Let's talk about a fun easy trend for Spring!  I've previously shown tutorials on the DOUBLE CAT EYE, now lets add a TWIST!  Instead of going with basic black for...

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Everybody Comes to HOLLYWOOD

photo 2

It's time for HOLLYWOOD!  The lights!  The cameras!  The action!  I remember being a kid and dreaming of living in Hollywood, and now it's funny, I'll have moments driving in...

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