Two Minute Makeup


My beauty philosophy: less is more.  I am a huge fan of being efficient when it comes to makeup, as you may know by now.  That doesn't mean the end...

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Bobbi Brown: Effortless Eye Makeup


It seems that I go in phases with makeup.  Have you noticed?  I went a good 8 months avoiding any eyeshadow colors on my eyes, and was all about the...

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Summer Bronzers


In the summer we want the GLOW and we want the TAN!  Well honestly, most of you would probably say you NEED those things, instead of wanting.  It's like the...

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Take Advantage of Holiday Eyeshadow Palettes!


OK, Christmas is over….but you know what's not over?!  SHOPPING!  Now is the time to go in high gear and get all the fabulous things that were made to be...

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Shopping Saturdays


Holidays are literally right around the corner… I think we forget living in LA that it is November and soon it will be Christmas- it's still 90 degrees!  The good...

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Don’t Miss These NORDSTROM SALE finds!


While I have been coming back from traveling, moving apartments, etc- I have totally neglected the Nordstrom Sale…until now! I did a little online shopping today and wanted to share...

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SMOKEY has never been Easier….

photo 1

This is to show you that Smokey Eyes don't have to be difficult.  Or with more than one brush.  Or with more than 2 eyeshadow colors….. You mention the words...

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Sultry Silver Lake

photo 2

 Silver Lake is a neighborhood in Los Angeles that I hold near and dear to my heart.  It is a spot that I have spent the most time in, and...

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That Perfect Glow

I love highlighters.  They are one of my favorite types of makeup.  They come in various types of textures- but all providing a marvelous end result.  Beautiful, glowing skin.  I...

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Dreaming in Burberry…


Oh what an exciting day Milan Fashion week Day 3 was- Chiara's outfit was a fashion dream- the outfit you see on the runway (which is exactly where it came...

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