TWO curling irons created this look…


My hair is growing, and I have adjusted how I've been styling it to accommodate the length. This tutorial is interesting for a few reasons: A: You get to see...

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Quick Hair Tutorial


Hey friends!  I just wanted to quickly show you how I've been curling my hair lately.  As usual, I try to do it in the quickest and most efficient way...

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how to touch up second day HAIR


The first disclosure I need to give with this post is that I've had this video sitting on my iMovie for about a month or so because I wasn't sure...

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Messy Waves under 8 Minutes!


Hello, Hello!  Hello to how I do my hair!  I know I have shown a lot of tutorials on how I do my hair, but wanted to update to what...

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How To TOUCH-UP Second Day Hair!


....or third.....or fourth.....or fifth......!  We all know washing your hair everyday is a DRAG....who has time for that?!  My favorite thing is knowing that my hair doesn't have to be...

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SHORT Wavy HAIR Tutorial!


Here is is my friends: the video you guys have been asking for since I cut my hair shorter!  Here is the play by play on how I style my...

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My Hair Story: A One Year Journey


I started realizing how much I have changed my hair the past year after looking back at pictures, and I thought it would be fun to share with you guys....

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Textured WAVY HAIR

photo 4

I had a lot of requests for a hair tutorial from some of the looks I have done with my sweetie Chiara Ferragni lately.  I have to admit- that head...

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