Back to sharing with you some of my Fashion Week Faves: the beloved KohGenDo Aqua Foundation.  I have been using this foundation for a little over a month and it is simply amazing.


If you are new to this brand, here is a little information about them.  I was recommended this brand from a friend, and had heard great things, so decided to try it for myself.  The makeup actually evolved from skincare, so that already had peaked my interest.  Here’s more, as told via their website:

Makeup for the High Definition generation: KohGenDo’s makeup foundation applies onto your skin with a natural translucent finish and moisture enriching ingredients. The secret comes from the use of micronized technology to finely cut and capture the ingredients of the products to enhance the beauty of your skin for hours. Each application spreads out evenly, covering pores and uneven textures of the skin. The makeup will stay natural and fresh throughout the day.

Enriching skincare through makeup: Is makeup bad for the skin? No. KohGenDo’s makeup contains ingredients such as jojoba oil and aloe extract that are commonly used to enhance the beauty of the skin. Continuous usage will actually provide care for the skin. Not only will it feel wonderful to wear daily, but will brighten the skin from within. 

Our products are free of fragrance, composite pigments, and mineral oil: KohGenDo believes that makeup should be something the skin is delighted with. Rather than creating attractive products full of artificial fragrance and composite pigments, we avoided such unnecessary ingredients that are a burden to the skin.


I was interested in trying the Aqua Foundation because I’m always after a luminous glow in my foundations.  I love this foundation because it does not look greasy: the skin just looks flawless and healthy.  It’s a liquid mineral foundation that mimics the ‘post-facial’ glow of your skin. It’s skincare integrated formula and specific mineral powder cuts brightens the skin, minimizes pores and fine lines to provide a youthful appearing dewy skin.  I use one pump on my skin after my moisturizing oil, and simply blend with my fingers.  It does give a great medium coverage and gets rid of any discoloration in the skin, but at the same time it doesn’t feel or look like you are wearing a lot of makeup.  It’s MAGIC!


I can’t say enough great things about this brand and about this foundation!  I’m always asked what foundation I love, and this one is at the top of my list and my ‘go to’ as of lately.  I feel that this brand may not be as popularly known as others, but it is a makeup artist’s top pick.  I love this section of KohGenDo’s website called Artist’s Voice, where you can see who, where, and how the products are used in Hollywood!  I totally would recommend this to anyone, and I am wearing shade number 113 in the pictures in case you were wondering!  XO


  • kellie

    March 30, 03 2015 10:46:29

    You look flawless in all of your photos! Are you still using giorgio armani or this new foundation? Im having some troubles finding the right foundation. My previous foundation was pur minerals and it was decent, but I wanted to change to find something with a bit more coverage. I have sensitive skin so I wanted to stick with something clean and fresh. I went with benefit liquid foundation and she explained that my skin is dry and that’s why with the makeup you can really see the dry area on my forehead with the foundation on. I never had this problem with my powder and never thought of my skin as dry. So I bought a heavy cream for the night and the liquid fountain to try. But it seems like my skin is breaking out and the cream isnt helping with the look of the foundation (I apply it at night and mix it with the foundation in the morning). So should I stick with liquid ? Should I try one of these 2 that you recommend? Sorry this is so lengthy, but I really need some help!

    • htbwebmaster

      March 30, 03 2015 03:07:44

      To be honest, I’ve never been a huge fan of mineral foundations, so of course I personally would recommend something else. Yes you need to get your skin regulated and moisturized. You also need to be exfoliating your skin at night 2-3 times a week and then putting your cream on afterwards. I would scan through some of my skincare posts to see my recommends. I am a huge fan of oils if that is in your budget, and I’ve seen it change so many peoples skin. I am using this foundation now and I love it. It is an extension of skincare so it is fantastic ingredients and has a nice medium coverage. I think you just want your foundation to even out the skin, and then you can use a concealer for areas that need a little more attention! Hope that helps, and touch base with me soon to let me know how things are going! Xx

      • Kellie

        March 30, 03 2015 05:00:54

        Thank you! And I will check back after I’ve tried it out :)

  • Florinda

    July 25, 07 2015 08:49:57

    What foundation number is this?

    • Nikki DeRoest

      July 29, 07 2015 03:16:54

      113! XO

  • Lin

    October 26, 10 2015 04:09:33

    Hello , I agree this foundation is the best and has a great natural finish, but do know If it has spf on it ? I cannot see anywhere that there is spf on it ?

  • wefadetogray

    April 22, 04 2016 06:51:43

    Hi, I have been eyeing this foundation for a while. 113 seems to be a good match for me. I am a very, very pale nc20 (4 in GA Luminious Silk). Do you think this is the right color for me.

    • Nikki DeRoest

      April 24, 04 2016 01:01:04

      I think it will be perfect!

  • wefadetogray

    April 27, 04 2016 01:22:02

    Thanks Nikki. You are gorgeous! <3

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