Fuzzy hair trick: VOLUME!

MAJE!  I just learned this trick on a photoshoot from one of my favorite hairdressers, and it is a M A J O R game changer.


I love when I get to work on shoots with other talented hairdressers or makeup artists…. it is so fun to geek out with them and learn new tricks.  I am a lifelong learner, and nothing makes me happier then always improving in my craft.  Then of course, sharing it with you guys!


So this goes back to how basically every e-commerce site or editorial you have seen this last year has that cute little fuzzy volume on top…..how did they get that?  Backcombing?  Product? If product, which one?

Behold, this little trick is how it all happens…..watch and learn my friends!  Xx


  • Joanna

    January 12, 01 2017 06:37:07

    What an amazing trick! I would have never thought of this! Love your videos and insta feed!!! <3

  • Lara

    January 13, 01 2017 05:25:53

    Nikki – what lipstick are you wearing in the photos above? Super love!

  • Rachel

    February 02, 02 2017 10:53:05

    If you only have a curling wand do you think you could achieve a similar look by using a straightener?

    • Hello To Beauty

      September 14, 09 2017 09:19:18

      Yes, absolutely! You can use the same technique with the straightener!

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