Drugstore Steal: Loreal Infallible Pro Matte Gloss

I love when I pop into my local drugstore not even thinking about makeup, and end up leaving with new products I never even knew I needed….!  Sound familiar?  Well, the good news is that the products I picked up this week are AMAZING and I’m happy to share them with you.  Nothing is worse then buying from the drugstore where you can’t try things on, and then get home to realize the product is not what you thought it would be.  The texture could be off, the color, or the overall performance.


I found the gem of all gems.  I think I’m so excited because I’ve posted a lot in the past about one of my favorite lip products: the Giorgio Armani Lip Maestro.  It’s SO DREAMY.  What’s not so dreamy is the price tag.  I want to buy 10 of them, but I have to purchase one at a time.


I never thought I would find something comparable at the drugstore, but I did!  I present to you: Loreal Infallible Pro Matte Gloss.  By the way, it’s not a “gloss”…. the only thing that resembles a gloss is the application.  The applicator is magic- it is soft and pillowy, and has a nice point to do all the detail work.  The texture is amazing.  It’s pigmented, so it goes on like the color of the tube, and has a nice velvet matte finish.  It stays on really well, and doesn’t turn sticky, gooey, or chalky.  It also has a pretty price tag, costing about $8.  The only downside: right now they are calling it limited edition, so it’s not available for purchase online (have to physically buy it in a store that carries Loreal), and we don’t know for sure if it’s staying around. I’m HOPING since this is a new product, they are testing the waters and then will include it their whole line.  Fingers crossed!  Currently there are 8 different shades, and they’ve pretty much nailed in in every tone you would ever need.  I only have one so far, but am planning on getting as many shades as I can because I love it so much!  In the photos I’m wearing #514, Blushing Ambition.  The perfect bubble gum pink!


Go get this while it’s hot: definitely one of my new favorite lip products! xx



  • Merrygoroundgirl

    January 16, 01 2015 07:48:39

    I was quite afraid by the title because I have a problem with the very glossy texture, but what a surprise seeing that it hadn’t this texture at all! And the color is really perfect!
    I just realized I had bought a product from this very Infaillible collection last week, it’s not a gloss but a concealer and I must say that it works really really well. Loreal is great!

  • Linn

    January 27, 01 2015 11:27:29

    I’m really exited to go out and get my hands (or lips) on one of these glosses – love the colour on you!
    Was wondering what nail polish you are wearing in this post? It’s such a cute spring tone :)

    • Nikki

      January 29, 01 2015 05:00:55

      Thank you! You know what- it was a random polish I picked up from a store called Tiger in Italy last spring. I just found it and busted it out! I’m sure now that the tone is on your radar, you can find something similar! X

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