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Hello to Cat/Doll Eye!

photo 5

I was inspired by this look for Valentines Day- but really, it would be appropriate any day of the week! It really makes the eyes pop and bright. If you...

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Sultry Chanel Smokey Plum Eye


I love an easy makeup application- and this tutorial will show you a Sultry Smokey Plum Eye.....say that 10 times fast!!  I think plum (if used properly) can look really...

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Hello to Peachy Natural


Let's get our GLOW on in this tutorial! I want to show you an easy, natural look that you can wear to work or whatever your daily adventures include!! It's...

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Hello to Concealer


Nikki's 101 on concealer. Her rules, her theories, and how to get a perfect concealer application- covering both under the eye and spot concealing. This is the second video in...

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Hello to Ponytails


A ponytail. I know- it seems boring and oh, so basic! But it doesn't have to be this way! Let me show you how to take this classic and make...

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Hello to Dior BB Cream REVIEW


Want to know how to give your skin a flawless finish? This video shows you exactly how using the Dior BB Cream and YSL photo finish. I was curious to...

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Hello to Brushes 101


This is Nikki's 101 on everything about makeup brushes! Learn the essential brushes you need in your everyday makeup kit. See what you have to have and what you can...

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Hello to my Favorite Red Lips!


RED! The classic, modern, chic color that anybody can wear! In this video you will see Nikki's top favorite red lip products of the moment....and why they earned that title!...

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Hello to Foundation


Nikki's 101 on foundation. Her rules, her theories, and how to get a perfect foundation application. This is the first video in a series of videos that will cover all...

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Hello to Copper Space

photo 4

This tutorial takes a beautiful daily look and amps it up- by adding copper. It's great for those that are bored with their normal day to day routine, or want...

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