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How’d you get those Glossy Eyes?


I'm very excited to show you this tutorial from Day 5 of Milan Fashion Week with Chiara Ferragni.  On this particular day Chiara was starting the day with a show...

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Hello to Wavy Hair

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GOOD MORNING! Aren't you excited to be the first people I talked to today?  Yes- I still have my raspy morning voice....!  I wanted to make this video for you...

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Dreaming in Burberry…


Oh what an exciting day Milan Fashion week Day 3 was- Chiara's outfit was a fashion dream- the outfit you see on the runway (which is exactly where it came...

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Milan Fashion Week Day 2


  Are you ready?!  It's time to show you Day 2's tutorial with Chiara Ferragni from Milan Fashion Week.  On this day the sun started to come out....which made us...

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Milan Fashion Week Day 1


Welcome to my exciting week from Milan Fashion Week!  I had the opportunity to work with my dear friend Chiara Ferragni (of and the Redken Team to get her...

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Hello to the EASIEST Bang Blowout


Only have five minutes to style your hair?  That's usually all the time I will allow on my hair :) ! This video will teach you a quick way to...

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Hello to Brows

Nikki's 101 on eyebrows! Her rules, her theories, and the perfect brow application. She shows how to use a powder, pencil, and gel so you can understand the difference in...

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Hello to Highlighting, Contouring, & Blush

Nikki's 101 on everything cheeks! Her rules and theories- for a perfect and easy application. Learn how to highlight, contour, and apply your favorite blush. This is the third video...

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Some days you want to take it easy on the eye makeup and show a simple statement doing bolder brows and lips. This tutorial shows you how to achieve that...

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Hello to Cream Blush


Terrified of using cream blush? This tutorial shows you just how easy it is to use. Learn the basics and the how-to so you can achieve the perfect application every...

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