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Festival Hair


Sometimes you have to start your week off with a little cameo on a morning TV show- that was how I started my Monday last week.  I was invited to...

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5 Minute Magic

photo 3

Only until recent in my life have I ever given myself time in the morning to get ready.  Am I getting old?  Is that what happens?  I used to hit...

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How’d you get those Glossy Eyes?


I'm very excited to show you this tutorial from Day 5 of Milan Fashion Week with Chiara Ferragni.  On this particular day Chiara was starting the day with a show...

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Hello to Wavy Hair

photo 1

GOOD MORNING! Aren't you excited to be the first people I talked to today?  Yes- I still have my raspy morning voice....!  I wanted to make this video for you...

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Dreaming in Burberry…


Oh what an exciting day Milan Fashion week Day 3 was- Chiara's outfit was a fashion dream- the outfit you see on the runway (which is exactly where it came...

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Milan Fashion Week Day 2


  Are you ready?!  It's time to show you Day 2's tutorial with Chiara Ferragni from Milan Fashion Week.  On this day the sun started to come out....which made us...

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Milan Fashion Week Day 1


Welcome to my exciting week from Milan Fashion Week!  I had the opportunity to work with my dear friend Chiara Ferragni (of and the Redken Team to get her...

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Hello to the EASIEST Bang Blowout


Only have five minutes to style your hair?  That's usually all the time I will allow on my hair :) ! This video will teach you a quick way to...

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Hello to EASY Cat Eyeliner

photo 3

This tutorial shows the quickest and easiest way to achieve a basic, natural cateye. Great if you are on the go, or just want to add a little "oomph" to...

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Hello to Eyelash & Eyebrow Tinting


The mystery of how to tint your lashes and brows is revealed! Learn how to do this salon treatment from the comfort of your home with this step by step...

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