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Why I LOVE Lipstick!



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Mascara Love (of the moment)


Wow what a big question, what mascara do you use? or like? or love? or recommend....... I could be here all day writing on this topic!  I am an eyelash...

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Everything is better with CHANEL


There are a few things in my makeup kit that I go to again and again.  I guess being a makeup artist that has WAY more products than she'll ever...

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Bronzer Done Right!


I love looking through magazines and on the internet to find makeup and hair inspiration for my work I do for photoshoots and on clients.  Today I came across this...

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Under Eye Concealer Love


WAKE UP!!!  (Or look like you are AWAKE!) I have tried many under eye concealers in my day and am sure I will continue to.  I have a lot of...

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In The Light


One of my all time favorite eyeshadow palettes is from Stila Cosmetics.  It's called In The Light.  It is one of my go-to palettes on many photoshoots or jobs I...

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Here are a few snapshots taken from an afternoon with Daniele Rossi and Julia.  I used one of my new Dior eyeshadow pallets 970 Stylish Move.  It was a blend...

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ENA in Portraits


Here are some portraits of Ena- a collaboration I did with photographer Daniele Rossi.  He has a way of bringing out the natural personality of all of his models- and...

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What is this BB Cream?


THE BEAUTY BALM!   Has a nice ring to it, doesn't it?  Just the name of it makes me want to have it.  It originated in Korea and the East...

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Tinted Moisturizer Favorites

photo 5

I've got a dirty secret that you are not going to like to hear- day to day- I'm not a foundation girl.  I don't wear it.  Don't get me wrong-...

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