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Bronzer Done Right!


I love looking through magazines and on the internet to find makeup and hair inspiration for my work I do for photoshoots and on clients.  Today I came across this...

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Under Eye Concealer Love


WAKE UP!!!  (Or look like you are AWAKE!) I have tried many under eye concealers in my day and am sure I will continue to.  I have a lot of...

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In The Light


One of my all time favorite eyeshadow palettes is from Stila Cosmetics.  It's called In The Light.  It is one of my go-to palettes on many photoshoots or jobs I...

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Here are a few snapshots taken from an afternoon with Daniele Rossi and Julia.  I used one of my new Dior eyeshadow pallets 970 Stylish Move.  It was a blend...

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ENA in Portraits


Here are some portraits of Ena- a collaboration I did with photographer Daniele Rossi.  He has a way of bringing out the natural personality of all of his models- and...

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What is this BB Cream?


THE BEAUTY BALM!   Has a nice ring to it, doesn't it?  Just the name of it makes me want to have it.  It originated in Korea and the East...

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Tinted Moisturizer Favorites

photo 5

I've got a dirty secret that you are not going to like to hear- day to day- I'm not a foundation girl.  I don't wear it.  Don't get me wrong-...

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The ONE Red Nail Polish


I'm having a moment.  It went like this- "Nikki it's time to paint your nails. What color are you going to do them? Hmmmm.....your favorite red that you've been using...

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How’d you get those Lashes?


Why is it that every man in the world has long, thick, dark lashes?  Have you ever noticed that?  While we are busy buying every different type of mascara to...

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photo 2

Cold weather blues?  Now is the perfect time to give yourself a healthy, beautiful GLOW!  Chanel recently came out with these beauties- Les Beiges Powder- and I couldn't wait to...

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