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Show me your SMILE


You know the funniest but sweetest compliment I get?  People tell me they like my teeth or my mouth.  SO NICE!  I love it because it is so specific, and...

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My Top 5 Health Tips


I wanted to take a break today from talking about fashion week or my latest favorite lipstick and talk about another passion of mine: HEALTH!  A lot of you guys...

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POLAROID and Sunshine


I am lucky enough to have some pretty amazing friends with some pretty amazing places to hang out in here in Los Angeles.  Since I've been back from Europe, I...

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Find your FUN


How often do you get out of your comfort zone? You know, that nervous, curious, hold your breath not knowing what to expect feeling.... For better or for worse, when...

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Hotel Workout {Legs + Cardio}


Hola my friends from Spain! As you have probably noticed, I've been on the road for a few weeks now in Europe.  I apologize for the lack of Snapchats and...

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Travel Essentials: EUROPE edition!


You guys the time is here....I'm going to EUROPE!  WEEEEEEEEEEEE! I simply cannot wait.  I'm the weirdo that starts packing a good week before my trip, especially because I will...

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Desert Wanderer


Here we are, lost in the desert in Arizona.  (Well the real truth is that this particular desert was intertwined  between huge desert mansions…)!  Albi and I went for a...

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Little Flower Child


I LOVE me a good romper!  It might be because I don't have to think and I have a complete outfit in one step.  The only time I don't like...

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This past week I had the opportunity to go to Arizona for a few days.  To be honest, I've never been, other than a connecting flight in the airport.  I...

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Fragrance Nostalgia: Calypso St Barth


Bliss, love, hope, and new beginnings are the four words that perfectly described the feelings I had when I decided to move to Los Angeles.  I've always heard that scent is...

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