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Backstage Beauty: New York Fashion Week & Alice + Olivia


I was excited to report on the backstage beauty from the Alice+Olivia show. I knew with this brand we would see something interesting and a little bit dramatic.  The drama...

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VALENTINES Manicure Inspiration


I can hardly believe it's Valentine's week!  I wanted to kick off the celebrating with some great manicure inspiration!  Nothing is cuter than hearts and lips, and there are plenty...

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NAILED IT: January Edition


Well Hello January 2015, nice to meet you!  I can't believe time this month is already flying by- I feel like I had a false start and am restarting my...

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Nail Inspo: Holiday Edition


Can you believe it's the last weekend before Christmas?  Where has the time gone?  I feel like it's gone equally fast and slow.  Right now it feels extra slow because...

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NAILED IT….weekend edition.


I hate to admit this- but who just jumped on the Pinterest Banwagon?! MEEEEEEE!  So I guess in my defense, I started my Pinterest page about a year ago (which...

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As I've mentioned numerous times, brows are the thing right now! With that being said in beauty and fashion, they are always shifting or tweaking a little bit. I, of...

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All you need is Sunnies + Lipstick


SUNNIES + LIPSTICK = THE PERFECT SUMMER COMBO!  ….and now you know one of my dirty little secrets…. If you are a lazy beauty girl like myself- especially when the...

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Poolside Palm Springs

photo 5

Ahhhhh, one of my favorite things about being in LA is how close it is to Palm Springs.  I remember growing up in Seattle, I used to have friends that...

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I CROWN thee….


A look I LOVE- the braided crown.  It is popping up in so many Editorials and fashion shows these days.  It's a cool way to wear your hair and a...

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one word….FESTIVAL


Glitter and Sequin and Jewels, OH MY! Since I'm currently in Los Angeles, the current buzz is all about FESTIVAL SEASON.  Festival style, festival diet, festival fashion, festival workouts, festival...

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