MY CAREER JOURNEY> How I got to where I am now!

Here it is!  A video I know for many of you, you have been waiting for.  Here is the (short believe it or not) story of my career and how I got to where I am now.  This video is not short LOL, but I think you may find it interesting and entertaining, so hopefully you will be able to catch the whole thing.

Life is a journey, and life is a process, and I think I’ve already lived about 7 lives by the age of 33! I have always been one to try things out and I definitely have to learn from my own experiences, so within that I have learned and grown so much. Notice I said experiences and not mistakes because I don’t believe in mistakes. Even some of the hardest things I’ve been through have taught me SO much and for that I will be forever grateful.

I often wonder why I’ve gone the path that I have: Maybe it was to be able to be a mentor to others, and to ultimately be able to give advice to those that are asking for it.

I hope this video can inspire whatever you are going through in your life right now, or to maybe give you an even deeper peek into who I am. I’ve got even more, but I figure I keep giving it to you in bits. Let me know what you think! XO


  • Alessia

    January 30, 01 2018 09:12:59

    that is beauty! I am an Italian girl who follows your Instagram page and also your blog and I find you are wonderful, as well as beautiful but I find it hard to find the products you use, in Italy 😩. I want to ask you if you can recommend me a good face cream for my (I have mixed skin) 35 years and a good brightening and anti-wrinkle serum. You are my guru I can no longer trust Italian perfumeries 🙃. I wait for your help and thank you for your time. I apologize for my terrible English.

  • Kikicat6/Kristen

    January 30, 01 2018 02:27:45

    You’re just the cutest– and most beautiful– inside and out for sure! Enjoyed watching your “Growing up years” and “Career Path” videos. Same on the religious upbringing. Though not Mormon, I went to high school in Mesa, AZ, which has a big LDS population, so many people thought I was Mormon! I have many great friends who are LDS 😊
    I’ve always enjoyed fashion (though I’m a Social Worker by profession) and *trying* to look beautiful. As I’ve aged (I’m probably your oldest follower – lol- will reveal age in DM) Ive gotten more into beauty and really you have inspired me in this new journey of beauty products, etc. Excited for you in your new goal of creating you own line!!! I’ll be a customer for sure! (Hopefully you’ll have anti-aging stuff😉) As I’ve said before, I appreciate your generous, open, honest and warm spirit and trust everything you do and say, beauty-wise. Always interested in all topics, hair, beauty, skin care, health . Oh yeah same on the working out part too. I’ve always exercised but not a “fitness girl” just consistent for health, stress mgmt., etc. 😘💖💋kikicat6

  • Kikicat6/Kristen

    January 30, 01 2018 03:31:44

    *Social Worker and MOM to 3 boys, by profession 💙 😘

  • Kikicat6/Kristen

    January 30, 01 2018 06:18:49

    Me again… with a question. ???
    It seems like everyone, well many individual women, are selling some skin care regime – Rodan and Fields, Arbonne, etc. Have you tired any of these? If so, thoughts? I don’t tend to be drawn in by the MLM companies and just buy retail. How would some of these companies products compare to some you’ve posted about, like Tata Harper or Skinceuticals, for example?

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